Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Helan går!

I'm happy because I’m (re)learning a Swedish drinking song that I want us to incorporate into our lives. I think maybe you should too.

Here are the words:

Helan går, sjung "hoppfadirallanlallanlej"
helan går, sjung "hoppfadirallanlej."
Och den som inte helan tar,
han heller inte halvan får,
helan gååååååååååår,
*klunk* *klunk* *klunk*
sjung "hoppfadirallanlej".

Phonetics (or the best try I can give you):

Hee-lahn gore, hwung hop-fa-dir-ahl-ahn-ahl-ahn-lay.
Hee-lahn gore, hwung hop-fa-dir-ahl-ahn-lay.
Awk den sawm een-teh hee-lahn tar,
Hahn hee-ler een-the hahlv-an for,
Hee-lahn gooooooooore!
(cheers and do the shot here)
Hwung hop-fa-dir-all-ahn-lay!


The whole thing goes, sing hoppfadirallanlallanlej.
The whole thing goes, sing hoppfadirallanlej.
And he that doesn't take the whole,
He doesn't get the half either,
The whole thing goes!
(cheers and do the shot here)
Sing hoppfadirallanlallanlej!

It comes from an old tradition where they'd do a series of shots of schnapps and they'd sing it with helan and halvan (whole and half) because you'd do a shot and then the next one they'd fill half way and you'd do that. And so you'd sing the song every time and the second time it would be halvan and tersen (half and a third), I think. And then tersen and qvarten (a third and a quarter), etc. And the rule was if you couldn’t do the whole shot, you wouldn’t get the half. If you couldn’t do the half, you wouldn’t get the 1/3 shot, etc. You get the idea.

Okay, and I found a good video of the music that goes along with it, but please just listen. If you watch too, you might get sick. Check it out.

And the shot I've been doing with it lately is just a Red Bull and Orange Vodka. Trashy, maybe. Delicious, absolutely.

What you need:
*Orange Flavored Vodka

What you do:
1. Mix them.
2. Sing most of the song.
3. Shoot it.
4. Sing the last line of the song.

Bottoms up!

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